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William Shears
William Shearshttp://www.socialjustice.com
William Shears has been carefully crafting a version of history that properly identifies western imperialism as the reason for all issues, and Postmodern Neo-Marxism as the solution, and teaching it to children as young as 5 for over 30 years. Mr. Shears has been recognized as one of the most influential voices in progressive education by numerous organizations, and his curriculum has been taught to tens of thousands of children. Some of Mr. Shear’s hobbies include the NYT’s crossword puzzle, speaking at prisons, and meeting his fans.

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Biden’s moniker for Trump failed so we made a better one

If you were to ask even the harshest critics of the Trump regime to name one good thing about their sworn enemy, above all else, the answer would be his brilliant marketing skills.

For instance, despite 5 of his businesses falling miserably and only being worth a few billion, Trump, who lost the most recent election, has managed to make himself out to be a successful business man.

On that same note, despite Biden’s top think tank spending tens of thousands of dollars and six months on a derogatory nickname, Trump, who was impeached twice, was able to spin it into a positive nickname in a matter of hours.

How was it that Trump was able to take a name as insulting as MAGA King and make memes about it on his failed social media platform, Truth Social? We may never know, but our top writers at Cinch got together to craft a name so heinous that it couldn’t possibly be misconstrued and co-opted as a positive. Here’s how:

We wanted to mainly capture the great fear that minorites feel when hearing Trump’s name, as well as call back to the civil war, as Trump has praised slavery and the south’s way of life numerous times.

After watching Django: Unchained, it hit us. What would be a more feared name than the title of the rich plantation owners who terrorized minorites and the LBGTQ community?

Say goodbye to MAGA King, and say hello to “The Master”!

This name, which president Biden is more than welcome to use, was the result of hours of thinking of a name that could in no way be used by the right as a compliment. The Master was so powerful that a few of our BIPOC identifying staffers had to leave the room when we spoke the name aloud.

There is absolutely no way that Trump can shake this nickname. I personally dare him and his audience to try.

2024 has been secured. You’re welcome.

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