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Jamie Barton
Jamie Barton
Jamie Barton (she/her) resides in Boston with her cat. Jamie graduated college with an English major journalism minor. As journalists, we are never afraid of exposing the truth. We research, write, and report – that’s our job. Your job is to listen and agree.

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Alinity has been unfairly suspended from Twitch

Controversial Twitch streamer Alinity Divine is once again the talk of the internet after accidentally flashing her viewers, leading to some calling for the suspension of her account after a wardrobe malfunction.

Alinity was attempting to shove a pillow under her clothes for a gag on stream Friday when she accidentally lifted her shirt up too high, revealing her lack of bra to everyone watching. She seemed truly shocked by the incident, mouthing “Oh my god” as she pulled her shirt back down.
It was very evident that it was accidental and her income has been suspended because of something half of the world’s population has.

She reportedly removed the stream from her channel almost immediately, but the internet is forever, and clips of the nip slip were uploaded and shared widely.

As the footage circulated, people in droves began unfairly demanding for Alinity’s channel to be suspended or banned.

Twitch’s terms explicitly prohibit nudity as well as sexually suggestive content. However, it also claims to take the context of anything that violates its terms under consideration.

But other Twitch streamers have reportedly “been suspended for less”, leading many to express their frustration over the perceived hypocrisy and special treatment they have long felt Alinity gets from the platform.

It also isn’t the first time the popular streamer has been faced with unfair calls for her account to be suspended.

In 2019, Alinity tossed her cat over her shoulder during a live stream, and a year earlier, she purposely allowed the same cat to lick vodka out of her mouth. The local SPCA investigated and cleared her of any wrongdoing, and her channel was not penalized.

There was also an incident in which some viewers thought used a racial slur, though Alinity claimed it was a misunderstanding based on how she pronounces words in English (which is not her first language) and spoke “nick your next prime” quickly.

Before the suspension, she took the high road and announced on Twitter that she is going to self-ban herself for three days over the incident. Which was very modest of her. That is such a humble sacrifice, that went unnoticed.

Alinity’s channel has been suspended for the time being, I was unable to find out how long her suspension is. Her high brow humor in this following tweet was definitely the second best clap-back of 2020 so far, right behind Biden’s tweet to not drink bleach.

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