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Is Will Smith the hero that womxn need?

Will Smith is a hero and should be treated as such.


Everyone’s talking about it.

Last night, Will Smith gave Chris Rock a little slap after Chris made a joke about Jada Pickett Smith being bald. We’ve all agreed there’s so many things that shouldn’t be joked about. Joking is not light hearted – it is actual violence.

And we’re happy to see black womxn making this about them again. Anyone who pays attention to astrology knows that this wasn’t a simple case of a man who is being cucked try to assert dominance and show the world he isn’t a cuck – no, this is bigger than that.

Last night, we witnessed celestial bodies collapse in a fight for the honor of Black womxn.

Because they were Black, that’s why.

It is very fortunate in this country we have so many communities desperate to make anything and everything about them. Otherwise, this would just be a case of assault and feral behavior that paints a negative light on the Black community, reinforcing stereotypes that they’re more naturally prone to violence.

Instead, this is about feminism or homophobia or something.

We will never truly know what happened last night until self-absorbed influencers make it in a whole thing that only they can be the arbitrators of interpretation for.

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