Analysis of the Racism Existing in the Mario Franchise

The Super Mario Bros. franchise is definitively full of hidden agendas and racist connotations that the average user overlooks due to it's cartoonish art-style...

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Dear men: Stop naming your cars like they’re females

We’ve all heard these before; “She’s a beauty,” the car salesman says as you sit in what could potentially be your new Corvette. Then, as...


Why I’m Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine – Even if it Kills...

The choice is yours: be the disease or be the cure. Me? I choose cure. That’s why I’m going to get vaccinated - even if it kills me. I choose to save the world.
why you should vote for joe biden

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Vote for Joe Biden

Many are wondering today who they should vote for, which is clearly Joe Biden, why? Simply because he’s a strong candidate, but to tell the...

Despite everything falling apart in the US and abroad, here’s FIVE fun reasons we...

It might seem like everything is going completely wrong and it all started with Trump's departure, but that is just what the insurrectionists want you to think. Here's why.

Half of Florida students to die from Covid-19

At a time when we need government intervention the most, it seems that Republican politicians have decided to be absent parents.

With “GPI” Progressives Have Finally Walked Past Bigotry, When Will Feminists?

Throughout the history of human civilization, societies have always been plagued by disease. Perhaps the most commonly known phenomenon is the Black Death, which...


Jaguar Needs to Be Held Accountable For BLM Protester Dying After Being Struck by...

During the early hours of Saturday morning, a small group of protesters gathered on a section of Interstate 5 that had been blocked off...

Hit TV series “The Office” Remains to Be Problematic

Because I enjoy visiting my old faves (who doesn’t?), and we all have a little extra time during this self-isolation. I recently found myself...

Equality of Opportunity is Outdated – Here’s Why

Equality of opportunity was long fought for among women and minorities, which was finally granted less than 60 years ago, however, the playing field...

Kim Yo-jong is the future of a progressive North Korea

Note: This article is based on breaking news regarding the unknown health of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un As the youngest daughter of the legendary...

Meghan Markle should become Queen of England. No, seriously.

The English royal family is an outdated, racist institution. The English Empire, the largest in the history of the world by total land mass, gained...

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Internet Gaming Cult Has Ties to Nazism

In 2008, rather outspoken writer Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw employed term "Glorious PC Gaming Master Race" in his Zero Punctuation video-review for the role-playing game...